Want a Divorce? Here are 3 Things to Think about First

Couple holding broken heartsThousands of couples divorce every single year. It’s a sad reality and what’s scarier is that divorce not only changes the parties involved emotionally, but it also affects the children and the finances. Here are three things to think about before getting a divorce. M-S-Lawyers.com says to keep these in mind as you look for a family law attorney to help you start the legal process.

Think how it will affect the children

Some children feel they are to blame for the demise of their parents’ marriage. Even if some people think their kids are too young, the painful memories, especially if there’s a history of physical abuse, cling to them. Some children can also feel the strain of having to live with one parent or the confusion of seeing one parent leave now and then.

Think how it will affect your finances

Based on a study, approximately one in every five women end up experiencing poverty and losing their health insurance post-divorce. About three out of four mothers who have orders for child-support do not get the full payment. Sadly, about one in three mothers who own a home also end up losing their real estate properties post-divorce. It drastically affects one’s finances, so it’s best to prepare for this before you file for divorce.

Think how it will affect your life

No matter how amicable your divorce could be, it can still affect your health. Many people, especially women, experience anxiety and depression as well as metabolic syndrome after a divorce. This could all stem from the physical, mental, and emotional turmoil divorce brings. It can also affect your heart. There’s a study that found middle-aged men and women have higher chances of getting cardiovascular diseases post-divorce.

There are many more effects of divorce on both men and women. And it’s important to read, understand, and prepare for these realities before you file. Keep these in mind if you’re planning to separate from your partner.