Ways Different Roofing Materials Affect Your Decision to Repair or Replace

men fixing roofThere are many factors to consider when deciding on whether to repair or replace your roof. One of these factors is the material of your roof. Different materials withstand various weather elements differently and have different life expectancies.

You should get reputable roofing contractors in Sarasota, such as Sonshine Roofing, to recommend what suits your roof best. They will give you sound and impartial advice on the measures to extend your roof’s life. Here are the different ways your roofing material will affect your decision.


This is one of the most popular roofing materials. It is cheap, easy to install and dependable. While you can have asphalt repaired a couple of times, it ages faster than other roofing materials. Its affordability means you can replace asphalt roofing without causing a dent in your pocket. Your decision to either replace or repair an asphalt roof will depend on your contractor’s recommendation.

Metal Roofing

Metal is fast gaining fame as a superior roofing material. Modern metal roofing is manufactured to overcome the rust and poor insulation found in old metal roofing. It is also affordable and more durable compared to asphalt roofing. Ideally, you should replace metal roofs damaged by impact and those that have lasted for over two decades or need frequent repairs.

Tile and Slate Roofing

These two roofing materials are quite expensive but are also the most durable materials on the market. Unless your roof is over 70 years old, there is usually no need for replacement. Extensive slate and tile roof repairs might be a better investment compared with completely replacing your roof.

Wood as a roofing material is not currently as prevalent as it was some years ago. Though no roofing material can match up to the aesthetic appearance of wood, it has the highest maintenance needs of all roofing materials. Replacing your roof with another material is the best choice if your wooden roof is damaged or in need of extensive repair.