”We can rebuild this man, we have the technology”

Woman having a dental treatmentIf you are of a certain age, those words will set off a soundtrack in your mind. As the music plays you’ll see 1970s TV hero Colonel Steve Austin, The Six Million Dollar Man, running super-fast in slow motion on his bionic legs. Steve Austin, after retiring from saving the world, was one of the first people in the 1980s to have dental implant technology tested on him, and it is thanks to his pioneering spirit in the world of bionic implants that we have this increasingly popular technology today.

Now bionic teeth, as dental implants are fondly known, are available from many specially trained implant dentists, such as those at Glenholme Dental in Basingstoke. Of course, Steve Austin was fictional, but if he had been real, you can bet he would have been right in there at the vanguard of having titanium posts inserted into special channels drilled into his jawbone.

Your implant procedure

Today this procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, and the non-heroic can also have sedation. Once the implants are in place, you will need to go away for a few weeks, during which time the science bit happens. The titanium of the implant encourages new bone and blood vessels to form and mesh with the implant, holding it in place as securely as if it was a natural tooth root.

After this has taken place, you come back to your dentist for the final fitting of the porcelain crowns. These will have been custom-made to match your natural teeth in size, shape and colour. You can have one, several or all of your teeth replaced, with single crowns or partial or full dentures.

Dental implants for lasting results

These bionic teeth, once in place, can withstand the significant chewing forces needed to chew and bite. If you take good care of them, keeping vigilant around gum disease in particular, they should last you the rest of your life. Although they may not help you save the world, they will let you eat whatever you fancy, smile with confidence, and keep your jawbone in strong, healthy condition.