Wearing a School Uniform: A Badge of Pride

School UniformThere’s a seemingly never-ending debate on whether schools should continue to require their students to wear uniforms. Those in favour of keeping the policy in place argue that school uniforms teach students to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance. They also show that a person is a proud member of the organisation.

Before choosing the most suitable uniform, you need to check the school’s regulations. Some institutions have very strict dress codes. They have set standards for the fabric, colour, cuts and styling depending on the student’s grade level.

Some may even specify a couple of suppliers or outlets from where you should get the fabric and have the garments designed. Most schools follow a specific dress code, so the students remain on equal footing regardless of their family’s financial status. The students also feel a sense of loyalty, pride and acceptance wearing these prescribed dresses and garments.

But, if your child’s school lets you choose the outlet where you can source these uniforms from, make sure to get the right colour and style before you shop.

Perm-A-Pleat, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of school wear in Australia, offers the following tips to help you choose the right store or outlet:

• Go to stores that offer a huge selection of fabric materials that are simple yet durable. Children can get their dresses messed up easily, especially in the playground; hence, the fabric should withstand the wear and tear.
• Depending on the climate of the place where the school is located, there might be different fabric requirements for different seasons. It could be cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester for summer. For winters, it could be wool and polyester blends with a woolen jacket, blazers or pullover.
• Choose a store that has a good variety of colour options to choose from. If there is an in-house dressmaker, it would be very convenient for you.
• Take your child along with you for measurements and fitting. For small children, make the garments one size larger, as they tend to outgrow their clothes fast.
• You can take suggestions from your friends or other parents. This can help you locate a good and reliable supplier.

If you are satisfied with the services and products of a particular store, stick to the same one every year. By doing this, you can build rapport with them and may even get a good deal or discounts on your yearly purchases.

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