What Big Things They Are: Some of the World’s Largest

Airplane InteriorHave you been interested in facts and trivia? Do you want to amass a large base of information? Do you know what the world’s largest and longest are? What’s the world’s largest aeroplane? Vacuum chamber? Zoo? Well, you’ll find them — and more — right here!

  1. Henry Doorly Zoo: The World’s Largest Zoo

Located in Omaha, Nebraska, the Henry Doorly Zoo is a 130-acre complex that is the home of over 17,000 animals. The zoo welcomes around 1.5 million visitors each year who get acquainted with 960+ species of animals. Henry Doorly also houses North America’s largest geodesic dome, as well as the biggest cat complex in the area.

  1. Plum Brook Chamber: World’s Largest Vacuum Chamber

Created to mimic the conditions of gravity and space, Sandusky, Ohio’s Plum Brook Chamber stands at a whopping 863,000 cubic feet. It is also home to the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, which was created by NASA in hopes of bringing men back on the moon — and other spatial bodies, as well. For installations such as this, Total Scan & Survey notes that it’s safe to say concrete scanning services have been used to check if it could stand stable enough to do its job!

  1. The Mriya: World’s Largest Airplane

Carrying Russian space shuttles, Mriya, also known as the AN-225, is the world’s largest aeroplane. In fact, a Boeing 737, once known as the largest aircraft in the world, could fit inside it! The Mriya weighs around 560 tonnes and has 32 wheels — with football field-sized wingspan. Whew!

  1. Three Gorges Dam: World’s Largest Power Station

Completed amidst environmental and health protests, this $23 billion power station has displaced millions of Yangtze residents and has been dumping lots of industrial wastes in China’s lakes. Yikes!

  1. San Alfonso del Mar Resort: World’s Largest Outdoor Pool

Looking like a lagoon, this outdoor pool is 3,000 ft long and could hold 66 million gallons of water. It covers 20 acres and uses the suction and filtration system to keep it — and the environment — safe and clean!

The world has many wonders — and these large ones only prove that there really is a lot to learn and appreciate about the world!