What Learning a New Language Means for the Future

Like my school. Cute little girl is smiling lovely and showing thumbs up while standing in the classroom.Education is not just about the present; it is paving the way for a person’s future. And in a world with decidedly lesser borders, opportunities favour those who know more than one language. This means parents need to look for bilingual or multilingual schools if they want their children to learn the ways of the new world.

Breaking Records

A Dubai-based Indian girl can sing in 80 languages, and she aims to break records with her ability to remember foreign songs. She does get help for the pronunciation of foreign words, but she has a passion for the activity itself. Singing, of course, is an excellent way to learn a new language. It could be a way for anyone to get a career anywhere they desire, provided they learn the local language as early as when they are in high school.

Welcoming Change

Even Hollywood is changing–or at least the Oscar’s. Foreign language entries present more variety, enough to pique worldwide attention. These films would not have been given much thought in the past when all the focus was on English films simply because the international film industry was expected to have English as the mother language. With plenty of variety in the foreign language category, everyone can see that good films do not necessarily have to be in English only.

Avoiding Failure

The Guardian believes that there is a price to pay for Britons failing to learn foreign languages. There is an expectation that foreign countries will have to speak English, not that Britons need to speak a foreign language when dealing with foreigners. However, this expectation means losses, as even Britons do not speak the English that the majority of the world is speaking as the lingua franca. Already, Britons have already lost some contracts due to ‘lack of language skills in the workforce’.

To be prepared for the demands of the future, the workforce needs to get the skills they need, now. That means children should be equipped with proper education, something they can use to open paths to success.