What Tourists Can Learn from a Business Traveller

Business TravellerA business traveller prefers convenience over saving money and does not mind a straightforward trip. The average tourist loves cheap food, cheap hotels and cheap ways to travel. The business traveller wears suits and ties while the tourist wears sandals and shorts.

Despite their great contrast, from looks to intentions, one might think that a tourist and a business traveller are better off with their own ways. However, there are certain things a leisure traveller can pick up from the systematic way the travelling businessman makes his trips from the airport to the hotel. Here are some of them.

Convenient Locations

Most of the time, tourists choose a hotel based on its cheap price range, but because they focus too much on saving money, they forget that they are only in the area for a limited of time too. Like business travellers, Acerent.com.au recognises the importance of convenient locations. The business traveller chooses hotels that are near the convention or business meeting they are attending.

Tourists should also take into account the amount of time it is going to take them to travel from their hotel to most of the destinations in their itinerary and how much will the commute costs. Sometimes choosing the cheap hotel at the outskirts of the city is not cost-effective.

Sticking to a Routine

Routines are probably a tourist’s least favourite thing. They want spontaneity and adventure. However, if they choose to stay in certain hotels during their travel and sign up for their loyalty program, they might get special offers like free upgrades or services. A lot of business travellers are already taking advantage of this loyalty program, why shouldn’t you?

Internet Connectivity

In case they need to email a file or double-check information with a colleague back home, constant internet connection is important for a business traveller. Although always on the internet defeats the purpose of your holiday, it is different from simply having internet access.

Having data or access to portable Wi-Fi can be very helpful for tourists who do not know the area and needs additional research to get to their destination. It can also be extra helpful if you do not speak the language of the locals.

Although tourists and business travellers seem better off travelling on their own ways, there might be one or two lessons the leisure traveller can pick up from someone who travels for a living.