When a Soak in a Walk-In Tub Becomes a Habit

Woman on a BathtubWalk-in tubs reward elderlies with a therapeutic water soak. Its design keeps the safety and comfort of seniors. Incidentally, these offer some degree of independence that they won't get with standard tubs. 

To ensure all these, consider these factors.

Product Quality

Superior portable bathtubs don't leak. A leak-proof seal serves as a warranty. This should also come with tub and operating systems warranties, heavenlytubs.com insists.

It should also fill and drain fast with fast-filling faucets and pump-assisted drainage systems, respectively.

If minor issues show, its manufacturers quickly address it. It makes consumers feel valued and sales agents are more than happy to refer these products than those that don't. 

Safety Features

Portable tubs ensure safety with its built-in grab bars and shower. Its lower threshold makes stepping into the tub easier and safe with the slip-resistant floor.

Door variations allow easier access for seniors with a mobility problem. With an outward door, a woman in a wheelchair may find it easier to enter and exit the tub.

Features like built-in seats and water and air jets make bathing all the more soothing, regardless of whether an elderly has arthritis or not.


It takes a specialist plumber to properly install a portable bathtub. Sometimes, it takes time for water to drain because of plumbing mistakes. This shouldn't be allowed because it’s the health of the tub's user that is at stake here.

Working on extensions may also be necessary with old bathtubs smaller than the portable tub. A plumber with a background in handicap accessible modification is an advantage.

Other Safety Precautions

Having a soft, thick rug outside the tub can help prevent a slip accident once the elderly steps out of the tub. Add more for the elderly to step on towards outside the bathroom if needed. The water heater may also be purchased for warm baths.

Taking these factors in mind helps make the elderly comfortable and safe when using it. This will motivate them to do it again until it becomes a habit.