Your Baldness Not Making You Bold Enough? Debunking Hair Transplant Myths

Hair TransplantWhile most cultures perceive baldness as a typical hairstyle for men; for some, the shame of having less hair still persist. An expert from Fue Clinics notes that over the course of a few decades, humans have addressed this issue by creating different innovations in reviving lost hair, such as FUE and FUT hair transplants.

The procedures might solve their tales of woe – but as with new technologies, myths tend to overpower the facts. Here are some myths debunked to give you a little push towards your newfound self with more stylish hair.

Myth #1: Transplanted hair do not grow

The hair used for the transplant comes from the patients’ head themselves. The procedure basically involves taking hair, as well as the roots out, which is why the hair still grows. A proper procedure will even ensure that transplanted hair is indistinguishable from the natural remaining hair. After a few weeks, patients will be able to style, cut or colour their hair any way they want to.

Myth #2: Hair transplants only allow a certain age

Contrary to popular belief, almost any man from 20 to 70 can undergo the procedure. The doctors do recommend this for people aged over 30 and 40 because they usually show a more stabilised hair loss pattern. This means that the doctor can recognise the area that needs to be transplanted and the donor area more clearly. There are even patients aged 73 years old who chose to have a second hair transplant and there are 18-year-olds who already need the procedure, especially when they have traction alopecia.

Myth #3: Hair transplanted eventually falls off

The majority of people are unaware that transplanted hair can last a lifetime and would never fall off. They do need to be aware of the natural life cycle of transplanted hair that will experience hair fall on the first two to three weeks after implantation. Soon after, around 10 per cent will begin to grow back monthly and they will be able to see the best result in the coming nine to 12 months.

Hair transplants may seem terrifying for those who are unaware of their real benefits. Debunking the known myths will help you decide to finally achieve that Modern Caesar haircut you have been dying to try.