Your Car Battery Will Serve You Well if You Follow These

Car on the RoadGiven the proper care and maintenance, your car battery will serve you well for years. This means savings in battery costs and assurance that you will not have a breakdown in one of those busy streets in Singapore. You do not want to endure the inconvenience it may cause and be blamed for stalling traffic in rush hours.

With the variety of car care products in the market, and Discovery’s ways of keeping the battery juiced, taking proper care of your car’s battery is not a difficult task. It only takes a few minutes of your time and for your effort, you enjoy maximum use of your battery.

Useful Tips on Battery Maintenance

Following these suggestions will ensure your car battery will be of service to you for extended periods:

  • Check Charging Rate. Improper charging is one of the main reasons for early failure of a car battery. Make sure it is not over-charging or under-charging by having it checked regularly.
  • Secure Battery and Terminals. Not secured properly, a battery gets easily damaged when subjected to vibrations once the vehicle starts or while running on the road. The same is true for battery terminals not properly tightened. While you’re at it, Autobacs recommends checking that the battery is clean and free of any harmful substances.
  • Prevent Battering Draining. Make it a practice to put off lights and unplug accessories when not using your car. This is one sure way to drain a battery. Know that constant recharging can reduce battery life.
  • Don’t Leave the Vehicle Stationary for Long Periods. The battery will lose its charge after a number of days, if the car’s left stationary in the garage. This will mean you have to recharge the battery when you need to use the vehicle. To maintain the proper charging level, drive your car regularly or at least let it run at idle for a few minutes every day.

These tips are easy to follow and can mean a lot in extending the life of your battery. Do not wait for battery issues to give you a headache when you least expect it.